Sat, October 17, 2020
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10:00am [10:00am] Abbreviated Shabbat Service @10AM 10.17.2020

Shabbat Candle Lighting on Friday 10.16.2020 is @ 6:07 PM Minneapolis Time Candle 

October 17th, 2020 
Shabbat Service 
Live-Streamed @ 10AM

Here is the Link to Participate


Here is a Direct Link to the Prayer Book:



Masked-Minyan Opportunity for this Shabbat 10.17.2020!

You can also Sign-Up for our "Masked-Minyan" which will still be Live-Streamed and abbreviated in duration. If we end up with 10 (a Minyan) present, then we will take the Torah out of the Ark, and there will be 3 Aliyot from where you are seated (not on the Bimah), 3 short sections of the Parashah will be read. We will limit it to 18 (Chai), and we reserve the right to revisit this number as is necessary. We do have a limited supply of disposable masks and gloves as well as hand-sanitizer.

Here’s How To Attend

  • You Must be 100% Healthy. Please take your temperature before coming.
  • You Must wear a Mask while in the building.
  • You Must maintain the 7ft. spacing in the Sanctuary unless you are family and/or you live together. 
  • It is advised that you bring and use your own Prayer Book and Prayer Shawl (Siddur and Tallit), or you can use your E-Device to access the On-Line Siddur.
    • Please Text/Call/Email the rabbi if you agree with these requirements and he will add you to the list and tell you what Number you are. Once we get to 18, he will compile a Waiting-List, and inform you of what number you are beyond the 18. If you are on the Waiting-List, he will notify you, only if there’s a cancellation before Shabbat begins.
    • 612.590.3950

After the Shabbat service is completed, the video will automatically be available immediately after the live-event to anyone wishing to see it afterwards by clicking on this link:


During this abbreviated service, there will be a rabbi's message (Dvar Torah), Individual names of those with Yahrzeit, Shloshim, and in the midst of Shiva will be read aloud, and Mourners will have the opportunity to say Mourner's Kaddish. There will also be for a Prayer of Healing. Please note that this is NOT our usual Shabbat/Holiday service(s), and as abbreviated, will last approximately 60 minutes. Please participate by praying from any Siddur which you find to be the most comfortable for you. If we reach the quorum of our Masked-Minyan, then there will be shorter selections read from the Torah Portion.
Thank You to Bruce Colton; during COVID-19 physical-distancing, Bruce has acted as our "Ground Control" in making these Live-Streams possible. Yishar Ko'ach Bruce!"
(It is very kind of the publisher of this Siddur to allow our Shul and others the downloading of select and limited services during this unprecedented time
(Mar-Oct.), please respect their Copyright restrictions.