Thu, October 29, 2020
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7:00pm [7:30pm] Hadar Maoz in Concert YouTube Link @730PM October 29th, 2020

Don’t Miss Hadar’s Concert Premiere!

Watch Hadar Maoz in concert,
premiering Thursday, 10/29 at 7:30pm CST

    Here's the Link to the Concert!

    Traverse 2,500 years of musical tradition from the heart of Central Asia with Hadar Maoz and her ensemble. Making use of traditional instruments like the tar and saz, Hadar’s electrifying Bukharin sound finds inspiration everywhere, from ancient Persia to modern Israel, while discovering common ground with blues and rock along the
    way. For the past thirteen years, Hadar Maoz has traveled the world gaining acclaim as a performer and innovator of traditional music, highlighting her skills as a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and drummer.

    Hadar brings a new musical sound to the world by taking the music
    of Persian and Bukharian Jewish roots in central Asia and combines them with groove, blues, electronic element. Currently living in Israel, Hadar’s cultural roots began in Persia. From her early youth, Hadar learned devotional singing, drumming, and playing a style which has been passed through many generations of her family of musicians and has been influenced by the ancient oriental styles and scales. Hadar plays many instruments including the tar, saz, doira, goblet drum, bass guitar, and electronic guitar. Her dancing is inspired by the oriental styles of Central and Eastern Asia.

    Hadar has performed for the last 13 years and has worked with a wide range of artists and musicians. She toured internationally with “Habrera-Hativeet,” one of Israel’s most original and unique groups of musicians.

    Her first album, “Brothers’ Tribe,” came out in 2009. That album was a collaboration between Hadar and the international musician and oud player, Yoel Ben Simhon. The album is a journey into the world of the oriental love songs. Hadar and Yoel produced and arranged all the songs together and she played most of the instrumentals.

    In 2012, Hadar released her second album, “Roots’ Music” (a groove album in Hebrew) which included a collaboration with the soul singers “The Hebrew Sisters from Dimona” (HaKushim Halvrim).

    Hadar has recently finished working on her third album, “Asian Soul,” which is internationally known. This album is a combination
    of the Persian and Bukharian music which Hadar grew up with, and a modern groove. The album gained significant popularity in Israel and internationally.

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