Sat, May 8, 2021
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10:00am [10:00am] Masked-Minyan Sign Up for May 8th Shabbat Service

Masked-Minyan Sign Up!!!

The Shul is Open for Shabbat Services!!!!
May 8th @10AM

For Shabbat Service @10AM Saturday, May 8th, 2021

(Happy Birthday today May 4th to Ron Scholder, our VP!)

Shavua Tov Everyone!

I'm extremely happy to announce that the "in-person" Shabbat services went very well indoors on Shabbat (4.24) and very well outdoors on Shabbat May 1st (beautiful to be by the lake). Thank all of you who came in person, and to all of you who were with us via our Live-Stream! 

This is our Sign-Up for Shabbat Masked-Minyan which will be an abbreviated Service. If we are blessed with 10 of us present (a Minyan), then we will take the Torah out of the Ark, and there will be 3 Aliyot from where you are seated (not on the Bimah), 3 short sections of the Parashah will be read. We will limit it to 20 individuals for an indoor service in the Sanctuary, and we'll allow for many more individuals if the weather permits us to be outside. We do have a limited supply of disposable masks and gloves, as well as hand-sanitizer. We also have brand new, hand-made, Face Masks which were donated and you may keep (Adult and Children Sizes).
In order for us to do this, we'll use the system we've used before which followed CDC Guidelines.

Here’s How To Attend in Compliance with the CDC:

• Be Healthy (We do have Forehead-Scan Thermometers)

• Wear a Mask

• Maintain the 7ft. spacing in the Sanctuary (unless you are family and/or you live together) 

• It is advised that you bring and use your own Prayer Book and Prayer Shawl (Siddur and Tallit), or you can use your E-Device to access the On-Line Siddur.

 Please Text/Call/Email me and I will add you to the list. Once we get to 20 people for an indoor service, I will compile a Wait-List, and I will notify you, if there’s a cancellation before Shabbat begins. If the weather looks like it's going to be decent outside, then we'll likely move outside for the service to accommodate a larger gathering. I'll keep a close watch on the weather forecasts and announce on Thursday or Friday if we'll be outside.

Thank your for patience and support during this crazy time of Covid, it is good to be getting back together (for those who are able to do so). We will, of course, have a Live-Stream to our YouTube SHR CHD channel for those of you who are participating from home.

I am looking forward to seeing you at Shul!!!