Passover 2022/5782

Candle Lighting Times for Minneapolis/St. Paul


Services are listed in Red


April 15: Friday Brief Shacharit Service/Siyyum/Break-Fast of the 1st Born @ 8:30AM


April 15: Friday Eat Chametz Until 10:56AM & Destroy Chametz by 12:04PM


April 15: Friday Light Candles @ 7:40PM First Seder


April 16: Shabbat/Yom Tov Day 1 of Passover Service @10AM


April 16: Saturday Light Candles After 8:46PM Second Seder


April 17: Sunday Yom Tov Day 2 of Passover Service @10AM


April 20: Wednesday Minchah Service @5:10PM


April 21: Thursday Yom Tov Passover Light Candles @7:48PM


April 22: Friday Yom Tov Day 7 of Passover Service @10AM


April 22: Friday Light Candles @7:49PM


April 23: Shabbat/Yizkor Day 8 of Passover Service @10AM


April 23: Passover ends @8:56PM