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Parashat Vaera - 5774

My friends,

This week we read the second Parasha in the Book of Exodus, called Vaera. At the end of last week's Parasha. we read that the children of Israel were upset with Moses and Aaron because not only were they not successful in liberating the Israelites from slavery, but Pharaoh added to their work and suffering. Moses complained to G-d , that indeed G-d has made it worse for the Israelites because their situation deteriorated and they are not willing to listen to Moses. G-d responds by saying 'just wait and see'. G-d reveals to Moses the Name of G-d, and uses the words "I am G-d" to emphasize that, indeed, things are going to happen.

The passage is the basis for the custom of drinking four cups of wine at the Seder to remember those four words of redemption:

The most important lesson in this passage is a lesson in faith. Will Moses and the children of Israel have faith in G-d and believe that the words will turn into actions? For thousands of years, our people had good reason to question the promises of the prophets regarding the future of Israel. Yet we continued to hope and maintained our faith in G-d. Our generation, more than any other generation, could have used the Holocaust and other horrible events in our history to doubt whether the wait was worth it. However, we are also the generation that has witnessed the rebirth of our people and the return of Jews from over one hundred counties to the Homeland and build what is today a viable and important country among the nations.

Yes, there are still many problems, but we never lost hope and continue to hold on to our 'Emunah' - faith in G-d. That's what Vaera is all about - patience and faith in G-d.

Have a wonderful week and a Happy and Healthy 2014!

Shabbat Shalom,