Photo of Rabbi Ettedgui

Parashat Toldot - 5773

My friends,

First of all, our prayers and thoughts are with Israel. For too long now, the citizens living in the South have been enduring a life with rocket attacks from Gaza, bringing destruction and fear. Children spend too many days in shelters and people are afraid to go outside, This is an untenable situation. The government of Israel must do all it can to bring peace and security to its people.

In this parasha we read about Isaac digging wells for water, a most important source for life, and the Philistines keep fighting and taking away his wells. Every time he finds water they quarrel with him and take away his source of existence. He finally digs a third well and they leave him alone. He names the well Rehovot.

This story in our ancestors' lives is very relevant to us today. For thousands of years, Jews in many lands were denied opportunities to earn a living. This story continues on to today. After 2000 years of exile we finally have a homeland - a small strip of land called Israel - and for almost 100 years, the Arab world with all the vast lands it has has been trying to deny us this modest home. And, once again, after many wars, Israel is being threatened again.

Come to Shul this Shabbat and join us in prayer for our people's well being and security.

Adonay Oz Le-ammo Yiten , Adonay Yevarech et Ammo bashalom.

May G-d give strength to His people and bless them with peace. Amen.

Shabbat Shalom,