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Parashat Lech Lecha - 5774

My friends,

We are into the third parasha of the weekly readings from the Torah. The first one (Bereshit) was the Biblical account of G-d's creation and G-d's disappointment in the human race. The second (Noah) spoke of the corruption of the entire world. G-d selects just one family - that of Noah - to see if Noah can establish a new civilization that is just and peaceful.

In the third Parasha (Lech Lecha) G-d selects one person to concentrate on his family, and maybe in that way save humanity. G-d commands Avram, "Lech Lecha" - "go forth, leave your land, your birth place, your parents home," to the unknown, "to the land which I will show you."

Noah enters the ark with his family, belongings, food, and the animals. Avram,on the other hand, leaves his home and farm, and ventures into the unknown, to heed G-d's words.

I believe that "Lech Lecha" - "go forth" - applies to every human being. At some stage in our life, we all have taken chances in making important decisions regarding what we want to be, where we want to live, in selecting a mate, etc. etc. Even if we are not always successful, at least we were not afraid to try. Avram is promised that he will find a blessing and be a blessing for all those around him. It did not happen immediately. It took many years and many generations.

This Lech Lecha does not happen just once or twice in a person's lifetime. We are constantly challenged and dared to "go forth". As a people we have faced those "Lech Lecha"s over and over.

Avram was promised, "...and you shall be a blessing." I was so proud this week in seeing five Jewish scientists receive the Nobel Price. Their discoveries have been a blessing and continue to be a blessing to humanity.

"Lech Lecha" - Go Forth. Do not be afraid.

Shabbat Shalom,