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Parashat Lech Lecha - 5776

My friends,

The first two portions of the Torah dealt with creation, the first human beings, Adam and Noah and their generations. They were a disappointment to G=d because of their evil ways.

The third portion of the Torah introduces us to Abraham our father. We do not know much about his youth or the first 75 years of his life. He comes onto the world scene with the command from G-d: "Lech Lecha" -

"Go forth, from your native land, from your father's house to the land that I will show you." (Genesis 12:1)

If Abraham should obey this command, G-d promises him that he will be blessed and become a blessing for all who come in contact with him.

Abraham, his wife Sarah, and Lot his nephew take all their possessions and go on this journey. Once in Canaan, G-d promises him that this land will be his and his descendants.

The story of Abraham continues into our own days, as our people are still struggling to hold on to the land promised to Abraham 3,300 years ago.

Abraham's story is an inspiration to our own individual lives. Each and every one of us has at some point followed the call of Lech Lecha, leaving one's native land/city to follow a dream for a better life. It is a command that is lived through every day. We cannot sit still. When we leave home for whatever the challenge/endeavor is, we listen to that call of Lech Lecha, because it is imperative that we be in a state of continuous movement and progress.

The most important thing is to see the Bracha, the blessing that we seek for ourselves and for those around us.

May all your endeavors be filled with blessing.

Shabbat Shalom,