Photo of Rabbi Ettedgui

Purim 5773

Dear Friends,

What is Purim all about? The Megillah tells of an official in King Ahashverosh's cabinet, Haman, who hated Mordechai the Jew. Because of his high position, he could have easily found a way to punish Mordechai. To that end, he told lies about the Jews whom he described to the king as a people who is different, and who does not follow the laws of the land, and they are not worth having. That baseless hatred is the ancient Jew-hating, spreading lies and baseless accusation against the Jews. Purim reminds us of the continuing struggle of the Jewish people to gain a place among the nations.

We still see media bias, false accusations and age-old antisemitism in many circles of our society. The Purim masquerades, Purim spiels, masks, costumes and merry making remind us to enjoy our life. We may never win the battle, but we need to continue to be upbeat and hopeful for a world where we can rejoice and be happy, a world devoid of racism and discrimination.

Purim is here. Enjoy it with your family, your friends and your community!

Happy Purim,