Photo of Rabbi Ettedgui

Simchat Torah 5774 (September 27th, 2013)

As readers (I hope) of my weekly D'var Torah, I want to share with you that this Thursday evening and Friday Morning is Simchat Torah. For generations, Jews throughout the world set aside this day to rejoice and be happy for completing the Torah Reading cycle, and for the opportunity to start over from the beginning. The Hakafot, singing and dancing with the Torah is our way to show our love and commitment to study the Torah.

Reb Yosi, from the Talmudic period, would also rejoice on Shavuot - the day of the giving of the Torah - and declare publicly, "...if not for today, I would be just like all the Yosis of the market place." I believe that we can state the same on Simchat Torah. If throughout the year, we were inspired by a message of hope and support from the Torah portions, if our values were strengthened by our study, then we can give credit to the Torah and be especially happy on this day.

If you are able, join your people at the synagogue on Simchat Torah and show that you are really happy for this day.

Hag Sameach,