Photo of Rabbi Ettedgui

Pesach 5776

Dear Friends,

This evening, as you join Jews throughout the world at the Family Seder, remember that you are fulfilling an important mitzvah, the commandment of "Vehigdta Lebincha" - "tell you child the story of the Exodus". The Seder enables us to relieve that original first night of Pesah, when Israel left Egypt.

In good and bad times the Jewish people observed this festival in the traditions that go back to the Mishanic days almost 2000 years ago. With the passing of time, and reflecting the state of the Jewish people in all of the lands of their dispersion, new songs and new customs were added.

The core of the Haggadah, however, has not changed much. The Mah Nishtana the child recites today was also chanted or recited by children of past generations. The questions are the same: "What is the meaning of all this?" The questions elicit contemporary answers reflecting on what is happening to us today.

The Seder, though directed by a leader, seeks the participation of all who are present, young and old. They can be chanted, read in Hebrew or its translation. The main thing is to understand and discuss the importance of this ceremony.

"Benissan Nig-alu, Uve Nissan, Atidin lehigael." - "Our people were redeemed in Nissan, and will in the future also be redeemed in Nissan."

Pesah, remembering the Exodus of old, is also a time for each of us to find redemption from what ails us, It is a time to hope for a better future, with healing of the body and soul, strengthening relationships, repairing broken ones, and renewing our connection to our people.

Remember - Pesah is also celebrated in the synagogue - a very special Yom Tov. Go to Shul and continue the Seder joy and celebration.

I wish you and your family a very Happy and Joyous Pesah - Hag Kasher Vesameah!