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Pesach 5777

Dear Friends,

During Pesah, special selections are read from the Torah every day during the Shaharit Service. For Shabbat during Pesah, we read from the Book of Exodus, chapters 33-34, which deal with the aftermath of the Golden Calf.

Moses begs G-d to forgive the Children of Israel for having abandoned Him and for worshipping an idol. Moses' wish is granted. G-d instructs Moses to prepare two tablets of stone and come up to Mount Sinai again. G-d will inscribe them with the words that were on the first tablets which Moses broke upon seeing the Golden Calf. The reading ends with a review of the three pilgrimage festivals.

This passage is read during Pesah because it speaks of G-d's renewal of the covenant with the People of Israel. Pesah is when they were redeemed from slavery and became a people. After witnessing the Revelation at Sinai, they erred and returned to their old ways of worshipping an idol - something they had learned from their masters in Egypt.

In most synagogues, the Book of the Song of Songs (Shir Hashirim) is also read on the Shabbat of Pesah. It is an allegory of love between G-d and His people.

Pesah and Shir Hashirim remind us of G-d's open arms in welcoming us back when we err.

Enjoy Pesah and be Happy!

Hag Sameah - Happy Pesah!