You can duplicate your emails by directly entering Yahrzeit name into this screen:
1) pick the Yahrzeit date by clicking on calendar and then changing month if needed and clicking on month number
2) after Date selected click on the button Pick the date to Add New Yahrzeits
3) new screen will generate the whole week frm Friday to next Friday
4) This is free typing screen and you can overtype what ever was already entered!!!
5) if you need more lines just copy '_ _ _ '(Undescore separated by TAB), press Enter and paste it into new line
6) each name better be printed after last sign _
7) You may also add Shloshim names at the bottom of this list.
8) you may also create comments for the USPS Delays in Delivery,
but comment needs to be approved by Admin versus this form saves your name immediately.
9) Use the button show New Yahrzeits after all changes are entered.
10)You can also delete the whole week list using Delete this week

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