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Rabbi Daniel Ettedgui

We are very fortunate to have Rabbi Daniel Ettedgui as our spiritual leader.


He was ordained in New York at JSLI and has served as a beloved teacher at Talmud Torah of Minneapolis (TTMPLS) and the Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School, and served in roles in the administration at TTMPLS.

He directs all of our religious services and teaches and directs the curriculum for the Sharei Chesed Religious School. He is also very involved in adult education and offers a Torah study class bi-weekly.

He has been part of the congregation at Sharei Chesed for much of his life. He delivers his Dvar Torah on Shabbat before the Torah Service and sends a brief Dvar Torah via email to the congregation before Shabbat.

Rabbi Ettedgui


Sharei Chesed is a Jewish congregation where Jews from all backgrounds feel connected to the past and find meaning in their lives as Jews.  We are devoted to life-long learning, workship, and acts of kindness.


Sharei Chesed looks forward to meeting you.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our community, please contact the Office.  You may complete your membership application here.

To renew your application (beginning August 1, 2021, please click here.


Board of Directors

President:  Julia Kravchenko
Vice President:  Richard Woldorsky
Secretary:  Jacob Mars
Treasurer: Carol Libson

Past President:  Ron Scholder


Bruce Colton
Harry Farb

Gail Kenton
Rich Kronfeld

Sheldon Libson
Greg Moore
Eli Sirotin

Bill Skolnick
Shelly Zien

Board of Directors
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